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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope your questions can be answered below.

However, if you would still like more information, please email with specific questions. 

How long will I need to go to counseling?

Great question!  The length of time varies greatly on the person and the need.  I am very much of the mindset that I am doing my job by helping you not need regular counseling forever.  There are people who get better and then continue to check in once a month or once a year or as needed!  We can assess together some goals for the length of time when we meet the first time.

What if I don’t want to come back to see you as my counselor?

I love this question!  It is imperative for people to know that the therapeutic relationship must be a good fit for them in order to work best.  If you don’t like me, for whatever reason, don’t come back!  No hard feelings.  You are interviewing me during that first session as much as I am getting to know you, so trust your gut.

What are the goals of counseling?

We hope to encourage individuals, strengthen relationships, and provide people with a greater understanding of who they are.  Through counseling, our goal is for each individual to find healing from their past and hope for their future.  Each person is unique and we will work to make an individualized plan to find the best solution.  We offer counseling sessions for individuals, couples, and families.

What can I expect with counseling?

Counseling should be an individual specific thing, so there is no across-the-board answer.  However, finding, scheduling and then showing up at the first appointment is often the most difficult part of the process.  Once that happens, we will work together to tailor counseling to be what you are needing to find healing and peace.  It is not as intimidating as you might imagine!

What are your fees?

Please see the rates & insurance page for more information.

Are our sessions confidential?

It is my ethical and professional obligation to keep any and all information you share with me confidential. It is your legal right that our session and my records about you are kept private. Due to this, I will ask you to sign a release of information if you wish to have anyone involved in your treatment.

In rare circumstances such as child abuse, elder abuse, judicial or administrative proceedings, serious threat to health or safety, government agency, or consult, confidentiality is not protected. If such a circumstance arises, I will make every attempt to communicate with you regarding the situation. Please see the Informed Consent for more information. 

Where did you get the name for Waters Gone By?

The Bible verse Job 11:13-16 is the basis for Waters Gone By Counseling. It is important that people acknowledge the past, both positives and negatives, because those are the things that have shaped them into who they are today. It is also important to recognize that those negative, difficult, and painful things of our past do not have to dictate who we are today.

Through God’s healing, we can all remember our past as “waters gone by.”

Water under the bridge, as the saying goes. Acknowledge it without dwelling on it.

Despite the Biblical foundation of Waters Gone By, all are welcome regardless of belief systems. 

Where is Waters Gone By located?

We are located in the Lake Harbor Business Complex off of State Street in Boise.  To get here, take the Marketplace light into the complex from State Street.  Go into the complex and turn left at the fountains.  Drive around the left side of the building until you see the Waters Gone By Counseling sign.  Go in the main door there and you will find a couple of chairs and some magazines.  Make yourself comfortable and we will come out for you when we are ready.

What do you specialize in?

Abuse ~ Adolescent Issues ~ Anxiety and Stress ~ Codependency ~ Communication Issues ~ Conflict Resolution ~ Depression and Sadness ~ Emotional Intimacy ~ Grief ~ Loneliness ~ Marriage ~ Post-Partum Depression ~ Pre-Marriage ~ Self-Esteem Issues ~ Trauma ~ Trust Issues

What does your office look like?

Amy at Waters Gone By has hand selected the decor in the office. The office has live plants, comfortable seating, and natural light. Click here for photos of the office. 

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