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Anxiety Has a Positive Side?

Anxiety typically has a negative connotation associated with it, but it doesn’t have to. While it is true that many who struggle with anxiety wish that they did not, there are parts of the anxious personality that are wonderful.

Many people who struggle with anxiety pay attention to details. They can be caring and hospitable, ensuring those around them are well cared for. The person who struggles with anxiety is often one to notice if someone looks upset, could use a drink of water, or needs a word of encouragement. They can be self-motivated and hard-working.

While it is true that the anxious person may be more, well, anxious than the average Joe, it is important to remember that there is a plus side to this personality. This is not to say that if you feel overly anxious you should not seek help, but rather to encourage those who struggle with anxiety that there are some pros to go along with the cons of which they are more than aware.

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