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Counseling? But I’m Not Crazy!

“You should go to counseling.” Some of you can feel the awkwardness in the air as you read that phrase, can’t you? It invokes feelings of being out-of-control, having issues, or people thinking you are crazy. Truth is, these descriptors are true for everyone at some point in time. None of us are always in control, living lives with zero issues, and never feeling a tad bit crazy.

Counseling does not need to be scary or intimidating or the very last ditch effort to feel better and get better. It is talking with a neutral party about things that you struggle with and bother you with no fear of judgement or repercussion from your honesty. Through counseling, you can receive various perspectives, treatment models, and ways to improve your thought processes and life choices.

Counseling can get you through a rough patch of life, resolve past issues, and talk through future goals.

If you think you should try counseling, do it! Don’t be intimidated. It is one human talking to another human about human issues.

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