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Crooked Halo: When Are We Too Old for Grace?

‘Tis the season for children’s Christmas programs. At a recent program, a choir of preschool angels stood on stage in their dad's white t-shirts as their costume and a gold tinsel halo on each little head. Some kids’ halos were slipping off, some were being pulled at and some were on the floor. Children were picking their noses, running off the stage, and lying on the floor. All of these mishaps came with light chuckles throughout the audience. People expect little bitty kids to do the unexpected on stage. It is part of why we go to watch. They are spontaneous, unpredictable and imperfect; and we love it!

At what age do we stop having that grace for one another? Is there a rite of passage we go through causing us to not extend that same forgiveness to others or to ourselves? Who actually is putting the standard of perfection onto us? Is it our parents, our friends, society, or us? Why do we think that we are too old to receive grace or to extend it? When did that happen?

Today, I encourage you to love one another well. Let mercy and grace be part of your identity. Be quick to forgive, even yourself. Remember, even the most beautiful angel sometimes has a crooked halo.

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