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Help in the Storm, Not Help from the Storm

Recently, I purchased an herb garden kit that consisted of six tiny pots, a scoop of dirt and three packs of seeds (parsley, basil, and chives). I am a direction reader, so I read them, though I could have assumed you put dirt in the pots, sprinkle seeds, add more dirt, then water. What I did not expect were the following instructions: when seedlings have grown approximately 1″ high, lightly run your finger over them. Disturbing them in this way helps the roots to grow deep and the stems to be strong.

How often are we in the middle of a storm praying that God would stop the storm and/or get us out of it? This thinking happened with the disciples in Matthew 8. They begged Jesus to stop the storm, and He did. It is important, however, that we ask God to join us in the storm rather than praying He remove the storm. When He is with us in the midst of chaos, we cling to Him. Our roots grow deeper in Him and our hearts are stronger. If you find yourself in the midst of a storm, pray for God to stand with you. Through the wind and rain, I pray you will find your unexpected strength in Him.

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