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The Calm Before the Teenage Storm?

So you have heard about the emotional roller coaster of your child’s teenage years, but you thought you were still a few years away from that. Your son/daughter is 10, 11, 12, and you don’t know who they are some days! Who will stumble out of their room? Will it be the child you knew, or will a person with bed head and a bad attitude emerge? Will the day be peaceful or emotionally driven? What is going on?

Do not fear, you are not alone. You are entering the years of puberty. Sometimes, the pre-puberty ups and downs are more difficult than those “teenage years.” One of the difficult things with this pre-puberty angst is that you weren’t expecting it. Some kids get the angry, defiant, difficult behavior out of their system at this younger age and then it is smooth sailing. For some, this is a pre-cursor of what is to come.

Use this time wisely. Learn how you react to stressful situations. Learn about your child. Find out their love language ( Encourage them. Hug them. Tell them you love them. Set good boundaries and be consistent. The person who emerges on the other side will be worth the difficult journey to get there.

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